Photo Montage Video: This is an entertaining and fun way to share your story through a photo montage. We scan, organize, digitally enhance and put together your collection of pictures timed to your favorite style of music, and mix in title screens to produce a special pictorial display. This package is ideal for presentations at family reunions, memorial tributes, Sweet 16 celebrations, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and other memorable occasions and makes a great keepsake of special events.


*Up to 80 scanned or digitally enhanced photos (if necessary)

*Insert titles, names, date and events

*Music (from licensed music library)

*DVD with customized label and case

Starter Package:  We design a video that is centered a around personal interview of your storyteller, griot or family historian. Our approach is to make the storyteller as comfortable and relaxed as possible to capture the storyteller’s personality and allow them to tell the story in the most comfortable and natural way possible.


* 1 location

* Up to 4 hours of interview with lighting and HD camera

* Music

* Up to 30 photos digitally enhanced (if necessary)

* Insert titles, prominent names, dates and events

* Chapter Titles

* DVD with customized label and case insert

Deluxe Package Take your personal interview or memoire to the next level and let us turn your stories into a valuable historical documentary with a full day of interviews and different locations.  Photos and your pre-existing family footage can be woven into the interviews to create a professional video that will proudly preserve your legacy.

*Up  to 2 locations

*Up to 8 hours of interview with lighting and HD camera


*Up to 60 photos digitally enhanced (if necessary)

*Insert titles, prominent names, dates and events

*Chapter Titles

*3 DVD’s with customized label and case insert

Premium Package:  This is an ideal package to capture the most in-depth presentation of your family history.  No stone is left unturned as we will work to produce a video that would belong on the History Channel or be featured as an

A&E Biography.

*Various locations

*Interviews with various family members or other prominent storytellers

*Up to 2 HD cameras

*Special effects and sound effects


*Digitally enhanced photos and footage

*Insert titles, prominent names, dates and events

*Chapter Titles

*5 DVD’s with customized label and case insert

* On-camera host and voice-over

*Family portrait

Each video is uniquely handcrafted so prices may vary depending on travel expense, custom music and transfers of your existing film or video footage, additional copies of DVD’s, and complexity of editing.

A note about music:  Because the cost to use commercial music can be quite expensive, we select from licensed music libraries or we can create original music for an additional price that best suits your musical and style of the video taste.

Since My History Videos are a perfect gift for the entire family, it is a great idea to share the cost with other family members.  It’s a great investment to preserve your future legacy!



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